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Schull Institute 6th Annual International Conference on Mentoring:

“Focus on Nuclear Security"

March 16-17th, 2024 (Milford House, Italian Cultural and Community Center, 11101 Milford St, Houston, TX)

Please contact for more information and registration for the March 16-17, 2024 Schull Institute 6th Annual International Conference.



We're Making a Difference

The Schullian Way   noun

1 : the spirit of mentoring to scholars of science and medicine, which supports humanitarianism and drives the highest levels of scientific and medical research

2 : of or relating to William Jackson "Jack" Schull or his method of mentoring and scientific inquiry

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve healthcare for vulnerable populations while achieving the highest level of education and research in genetics, public health informatics, and archival research.

The Institute seeks to do this locally and globally, having started with Japan in 2000. Our strategy involves education, mentorship, and leadership programs for scientific and medical investigators imbued with a spirit of community and social service. Throughout our work, we preserve the integrity and methodology of scientific inquiry.

We envision a better world...

...where vulnerable populations have access to the healthcare they need, and international collaboration fosters discovery, understanding, and peace.
This vision includes:
  • Sustainable support and mentoring for biomedical scholars to achieve the highest level of education
  • A thriving network of local, national, and international leaders with operational healthcare, research, and educational programs in their communities
  • An abundance of expert medical and scientific professionals who exemplify a spirit of community and social service

  • A flow of new healthcare discoveries through learning and technology

Get to Know Us

At The Schull Institute, we are researchers: physicians and medical professionals, archivists, historians, community members, policy makers, business owners, and undergraduate students.

We have dedicated our lives to working with vulnerable communities — providing

the support they need in order to unlock their potential.

Before The Schull Institute was founded in 2000, we were members of a study group and shared an interest in medical disparities in vulnerable populations.

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